Why you should book Kittys Holiday?

Here we are compiling a list of reasons to name a few - why we should be your first choice and why you should give us opportunity to provide you our services.

Our team comprises of skilled animal keepers and that is the biggest reason that we do not engage any veterinary assistants, veterinary clinics, behaviour therapists etc.

Animal  keepers are trained about all the above aspects so that they can assess animals  entire habitat and requirement for the specific conditions which can be related to animals health, age , behaviour ,food liking etc to name a few. This is not just pertaining to only in certain (stress-linked) situations and thus we as professional animal keepers can provide you best quality professional care for your pets and give you the peace of mind when you are away and  what you deserve when you take our professional services.

All animal keepers in our team have a minimum of 15 years professional experience.

The staff of Kittys Holiday comprises of professionals who are themselves cat-owners from long time.

We are totally flexible and can be booked whenever you need our services which can be 12hrs or overnight in advance (if you have already booked again) You can easily increase or decrease your booking days without any penalty and as per your convenience and travel plans.

If you are planning to  move within Berlin it is not a problem, we are still open to provide you our professional services at your new address if you wish so.

Likewise, if the cat is sick and the treatment requires permanent care, we are there to assist you in all ways possible, it is part of our job description and our professional services.

The team of Kittys Holiday is highly experienced and understands the severity involved in the most common chronic ailments pertaining to cats, such as diabetes, kidney failure, thyroid and heart diseases etc.

If we find your cat not looking well while we are at sitting, we prefer to check later again, as we do not want to miss a situation and thus want to be convinced that everything is ok with cat as itís our responsibility and we are professional about it.

We are also there to support our customers and cats by (different) stages of cat ownership or disease (physiologically and psychologically)

Kittys Holiday can be booked all year round, as we have no company holidays or even when one of  our team member is sick , then we can guaranty we will make arrangements for the booked sitting because we operate the services as full-time work and live solely on business generated by company.

We can store your keys permanently with us in the safe, this is optional and is basically for having flexibility in booking.

We drive in our personal cars which does not possess any advertising on them, this reduce the risk of potential burglars when you are away and the same is true for our clothing which also does not have any advertising on them, as well as we provide an additional free service for you to take care of emptying your mailbox on daily basis which is obviously optional and solely depends on your will.

The team is multilingual; we can understand German and English as the basic languages.

We have liability insurance for the services of Kittys Holiday, and each employee has separate liability insurance.

The bills can be paid off in instalments if necessary. In addition, all invoices from Kittys Holiday can be used for tax deduction, as household Near service ( Haushaltsnahe Dienstleistung like cleaning maids), as we identify the same in the category as 19% VAT on the invoices.